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Ongaqu - Find Royalty Free Music

Ongaqu is an app to search royalty free music provided by Jamendo.The royalty free music can be used...

Free  iOS app  1.1.1  Sep 22, 2015  Music



The exciting new digital collectible game from the creators of the Ascension: Deckbuilding Game and Magic:...

Free  iOS app  7.0.2  Jul 22, 2016  Games



your portal to HIP HOP Culture/Music & Entertainment...Hip Hop/RnB/ Reggae/Dancehall On Smash 24/7/365!...

Free  iOS app  1.3  Jun 21, 2016  Music


Talking Pocoyo Free HD

Talk to and play with your friend Pocoyo, with Talking Pocoyo! Pocoyo wants to play with you! And with...

Free  iOS app  2.0.7  May 23, 2016  Entertainment


HTML Generator

HTML Generator★★★ Are you a lover of the web? ★★★But your skills are not enough?You found...

$0.99  iOS app  1.0  Mar 13, 2013  Developer Tools


Call of the Ninja

Use your ninja reflexes to win the race!-Tap left to jump-Tap right to slide-Tap both left and right...

Free  iOS app  2.0  Feb 24, 2014  Games


موسوعة السيد الحكيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيموالحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام...

Free  iOS app  2.3  Jun 29, 2014  Books



Registerd is a simple way to keep track of transactions and can be used as a replacement for those old,...

Free  iOS app  2.0  Sep 16, 2013  Finance


Coffee Genius

With our new Coffee Genius you will get suggestions on new and excited drinks to replace your old favourites.

Free  iOS app  1.1  Dec 15, 2015  Food & Drink


Speed PRO

Speed PRO is a Universal GPS-based speedometer with Saved Routes and many other features.** "Essential...

Free  iOS app  2.01  Jan 26, 2015  Navigation


Baby Connect (Activity Logger)

Picked by Apple as a featured App for Busy Moms, Baby Connect is the #1 and the most comprehensive baby...

$4.99  iOS app  5.0.8  May 26, 2016  Medical


UAE Government Apps

Welcome to UAE Government Apps page - the official list of all the mobile applications offered by the...

Free  iOS app  1.7  Oct 16, 2014  Social Networking


Jewels Quest - Classic Match-3 Puzzle Game

Jewels Quest is a classic match-3 puzzle game. It’s simple and fun but quite challenging with 4 addictive...

Free  iOS app  1.0.3  May 23, 2016  Games


Harlem Shake Creator HD

The original and harlem shake creator, that united millions of people worldwide in one viral crazy dance.•...

Free  iOS app  1.5.0  Jun 22, 2013  Entertainment


Baby Hazel : Farm Tour

Baby Hazel is fond of animals. Knowing her likes for animals, Uncle Sam has taken her to his domestic...

Free  iOS app  1.0.0  Jun 24, 2016  Games


Fake SMS

Five stars is not good enough. 10,20,30 even 40 stars. I have been searching for ages for the perfect...

$1.99  iOS app  1.1  Jul 21, 2012  Entertainment


Aplicación UNOI Teacher Eval

Esta es la aplicación para profesor "UNOi TeacherEval"; con ella podrás lanzar exámenes provenientes...

Free  iOS app  1.0.20  Aug 27, 2014  Education


Telangana Rashtra Samithi

Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) is a regional political party in the Southern Indian state of Telangana....

Free  iOS app  1.0.1  Oct 06, 2014  News




Free  iOS app  2.0  Jan 28, 2016  Travel



You are faced with mooks from the world of the supernatural, from vampires to zombies, and monstrous...

Free  iOS app  1.1  Oct 24, 2012  Games

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Nibbles Free

Remake of class Nibbles (Snake) game. Manipulate the snake to consume the objects along the way. The... more

V.1.0.2  11.4 MB  Sep 21, 2015  Games


掌上周报——《英语周报》唯一官方配套手机客户端。使用科大讯飞语音技术,简直天顶星科技!听力试题,拿到报纸扫码就能做;头版文章,随时、随地、随身听朗读!都能离线播放~口语评测,找个安静的地方开始练吧!更有习题答案,偷偷地告诉你。 more

V.1.4.1150  42.3 MB  Sep 10, 2016  Education


Note that this app is FREEThis app is for tracking odds in football and matches in general across the... more

V.3.0.2  58.6 MB  Jun 29, 2016  Sports

Veditor -Video bearbeiten hinzufügen Sie Filter, Text, Musik, SoundEffekte & Bilder

Das leistungsfähigste und umfassende Video-Programm, mit dem Sie Ihr Video ganz einfach bearbeiten können,... more

V.1.2  30.3 MB  Oct 24, 2014  Photo & Video

Vipsy by InForFree

Vipsy gets you into the hottest clubs in the city, the most delicious restaurants, and the uber-cool... more

V.3.1.1  54.3 MB  Jun 17, 2016  Lifestyle

2016 Shark Spear-Fishing Adventure- Fish hunter Sports in Deep Sea

Get ready hunting the sharks in the ocean ………Thrilling? Yes it is.These dangerous sharks are a... more

V.1.8  71.6 MB  May 07, 2016  Games

嘿呦三国 - 陆媜婷代言 新体三国

2015最酷炫萌系手游力作全球卓越的手机运营与开发商倾力打造《嘿呦三国》以Q萌新体画风和人物独特配音诠释了三国中熟悉的100多个英雄人物,以全新的体验来感受您熟悉的角色。从此您靡下的武将,每个都能活灵活现为主公效力!为体现游戏诚意,我们更是邀请到了国际赛事冠军,与你一起开心游戏!大家更有机会参加游戏官方活动!游戏PvP内容更是堪称经典!竞技场,公会战,边境战,国战,多层次的PvP玩法将三国游戏的精髓和动作卡牌游戏融为一体。配合充满力量感的特效动作,手动操控战斗,让玩家亲自把控战斗走向!英雄强力不强力,全看主公的操控!真正做到没有最强的武将,只有最强的玩家!... more

V.1.13.0  99.9 MB  Oct 23, 2015  Games

Air Wings Intergalactic

• Online multiplayer battles!• Supports Game Controllers!• Supports AirPlay!Air Wings Intergalactic... more

V.1.9  63.8 MB  Jun 28, 2016  Games

Trein vertrektijden

Real-time departures of trains in the Netherlands. Including a dutch railway map and actual alerts. All... more

V.1.3  5.7 MB  Apr 09, 2014  Travel

Hebrew Trucks World Kids Numbers -Learn to Count

Learning to count in Hebrew has never been so much fun! The best way to teach your toddlers how to count... more

V.1.5  104 MB  Sep 12, 2016  Games

Karim Chadli الى حبيبين - مكتبة كريم الشاذلي

مكتبة كريم الشاذلي برنامج رائع يسمح بقراءة مجموعة كبيرة... more

V.1.2  95.5 MB  Oct 06, 2014  Books

Police Dog Chase Crime City 3D – A Rousing Mission of Catching Suspect Criminal Convoy

Here we are with a crazy police dog in one of the solitary police chase games having the concept of police... more

V.1.1  68.5 MB  Jun 30, 2015  Games


Unlock everyday objects with your mobile phone or tablet to reveal hidden interactive experiences.Scanbo... more

V.1.0  61.3 MB  Jun 18, 2015  Entertainment

SSH Remote

When I was looking for an app that could save my most used SSH commands and execute them easily. I could... more

V.1.1  2.0 MB  Nov 20, 2014  Utilities

Full Power

Full Power 個人行動&雲端KTV領導品牌!長年以來,我們持續關注著市場上形形色色、各種領域的產品。我們關注,甚麼樣的產品可以很輕易地帶給世界各地的朋友們容易滿足的歡樂!Full... more

V.2.13.0  37.3 MB  Sep 12, 2016  Shopping