New User Ranking System Released!Top 5 users will get premium membership to FC2 Videos!We have released...

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New User Ranking System Released!
Top 5 users will get premium membership to FC2 Videos!

We have released a new user ranking system for the FC2 Snap Video app for iPhone. Users who rank in the top 5 will get FC2 Video premium membership for week! Rankings are updated every week, so if you rank top 5 every week, you can watch as many videos as you want on FC2 Video, for free!

- About the user ranking system http://video.fc2.com/snapranking/
User rankings will be determined by allocated scores for each user based on the number of Likes, Views, Shares on Facebook and Retweets for videos. User rankings will be calculated each week and users ranked in the top 5 will receive 1-week FC2 Video premium membership.
*This contest is held by FC2, Inc. only. There is no relationship between this contest and Apple Inc.

*Terms and conditions for participation.
Just post a 5 to 15 sec video set to public with FC2 Snap Video from your iPhone!
*To participate in the user rankings the app version must be the latest version 1.8 or higher. If FC2 Snap Video has been installed on your iPhone, please update it to the latest version.

* Great for:
1.Those who want to keep little videos of their family or travels,
2.Those who want to watch other uploaded snap videos,
3.Those who want to upload videos using FC2 Video,
4.And those who want to share videos on their FC2 Blog, Facebook and Twitter.
*Account and login required to upload videos.

* Features
- Capture videos and upload them as private or public
- View public videos
- Follow other users
- List of videos uploaded by you (Storage space)
- Login or create an account with FC2
- Like or comment on a video
- Video filters
- Set your own profile
- Link with FC2 Blog


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