The audio player that can speed ​​control, pitch control, and equalizing.You can play tunes with...

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The audio player that can speed ​​control, pitch control, and equalizing.
You can play tunes with effects in iPhone, iPod touch, iPad.
You can also do the supplied remote control earphones.
Since it is possible up to 20 dB total gain in the equalizer, they can only be played on a volume level low enough songs.

※ Attention ※
molaPlayer can't play iCloud tunes or DRMSed audio file.(e.g. m4p file)

※ basic functions (free edition. Regular version is limited below)
==== Changing the playback speed
* It is possible ON / OFF function
* 0.25 times to 2.0 times

==== Changing the pitch
* It is possible ON / OFF function
* -6 To 6 semitones
* The switch can be adjusted in increments of one cent or semitone

==== A / B loop
* You can play any repeat intervals
Helps you to practice a specific phrase or copy

==== Equalizer
* 8-band
* To-24.0dB ~ 12.0 dB for each band
* Adjust total gain (-20dB ~ 20 dB)
* (To prevent cracking sound) auto gain adjustment

==== Recording
* Recorded data is saved in the Documents folder of the application
* In iTunes, you can retrieve the data to the PC recording
* Continuous playback of recorded data, repeat playback

※ limited free edition
* There is a display advertising
(Genuine Version button will be added)
* 4-band equalizer
* Playback speed will be limited to 0.75 to 1.5
* Pitch is limited to -3.00 to 3.00


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