Parpe – Car Rental Marketplace BrazilSimple to use, Parpe is an app where you can search for a car...

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Parpe – Car Rental Marketplace Brazil

Simple to use, Parpe is an app where you can search for a car been shared right next to you from a locar car owners. You just make a requests and interact direct with the owner of the vehicle that you want to rent for your special trip.

It’s free to download, reliable and 100% secure. All cars are insured by MAPFRE INSURANCE and all users must be verified and approved.

Parpe allows you to have access to cars that are shared from local communities around Brazil, so if you are planning your next trip and need a special car, take a look at our app.

How does Parpe work?
Every day we get new cars been shared in Brazil, whenever you need a car just take a few minutes to registration and request a vehicle you like. Once the vehicle owner approves your rent you can interact with them in order to exchange the keys. All payments are secured made through the app.

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