The easiest way of meeting with your friends in the real life!long descriptionFree app that helps you...

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The easiest way of meeting with your friends in the real life!
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Free app that helps you get together in the real life within your friends, family and network: Choose a date that works for everyone, set up a place and location on everyone's agenda, send invitations and receive confirmations, pay and much more! Never getting together with your friend hasn't been so easy!

-Functionalities for easy set up meet ups: Place, time, synchronize with agenda, deadline to confirm, waiting list, -number of invitations with or without kids, dresscode and much more.
-Log in: Cell phone number and possibility of using Facebook to synchronize data from the user profile
-Contacts: Automatic synchronization of the user's telephone contact list for inviting participants (showing ìSeeYouAllî members.
-Chat: With the possibility of icons and add-ons (files, photos, videos, audio, geo-referencing, etc.).
Calendar: Automatic synchronization of the calendar with the event's confirmation status.
-Invitations to Multichannel: Multiple options will be provided for inviting contacts to download SeeYouAll:
-Social Networks: It will be possible to publish and share events on social networks.
-Alerts: These will be customizable based on user preferences.
-Voting: feature that will allow users to vote for different options such as locations, dates and other details.

Languages: Available in English and Spanish.

This free app it is easiest manner to set up and event (party, dinner, soccer match, etc.) get together easily with your friend in the real life! Try it for FREE and DOWNLOAD it now!


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