Now available for Apple Watch.Supported iOS 9.Massage app stylish finally appeared!Enjoy vibrate!There...

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Now available for Apple Watch.
Supported iOS 9.
Massage app stylish finally appeared!
Enjoy vibrate!
There are two modes that can be used at the same time.

Automatic mode
I will continue automatically vibration.
I can easily adjust the speed 1.
By turning on the 2. random enable switch,
You can add an irregular movement.

Stop button with the start button.

Manual mode
By tapping on your own, you can be made to vibrate in any timing.
Can be used in combination with the automatic mode!

It is recommended for those who want to relieve stress.

※ I use the vibration function of the iPhone.
you can not use the terminal no such iPad and iPod touch, the vibration function.

※ items in the Settings> Sound> Vibration of the body is not turned ON
Vibration does not work.
※ I can not guarantee whether or not there is a massage effect actually.
※ This app is not recommended for use of other than massage.


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