ViewExif is an iOS extension which allows you to view metadata of photos and videos. It adds metadata...

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ViewExif is an iOS extension which allows you to view metadata of photos and videos. It adds metadata capability not only for Photos app but also for 3rd-party apps.

Being able to read exif tags can be of great importance not only for beginners, but also for other photographers who want to find out what settings and tools were used to create a particular photograph. However, you couldn't read those important data before. Fortunately, this issue is perfectly solved with app extension since iOS 8. So we create this app for photographers.

For those people who want to protect privacy, this app is useful for you as well. When you send photos via email or share on social network, your personal information (geo location, taken date etc) is shared as well. If you upset to share those information, ViewExif is able to remove it before sharing.

* Extension for Photos app and 3rd-party apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive and FileExplorer etc.
* Display file name, file size, dimensions for photos and videos.
* Display EXIT tags: Taken date, ISO Speed, F Number, Exposure Time, Focal Length and more.
* Display IPTC tags: Creator, Keywords, Description etc.
* Display geo location on map
* Support image formats (JPG, PNG, TIFF) and Raw formats (CR2, NEF).
* Share photo with exif on Twitter, Facebook, email.
* Share photo without exif on Twitter, Facebook, email.

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