Do you always worry about if this hairstyle is suitable for yourself when you would like to change the...

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Do you always worry about if this hairstyle is suitable for yourself when you would like to change the hairstyle each time? Even you can’t make sure which kind of hairstyle you want to have. What you are looking for is a kind of feel. However, the most terrible result is that it is ineffective when you have countless communications with the barber, and you find you turn from a young girl to be a middle-aged woman when a cutting out is made! The breeze blower can satisfy your fantasy over all models, and it may also become the communication bridge between you and the barber.
Everyone may take COSPLAY secondary element roles, but it doesn’t means you are only allowed to show your COSPLAY at the comics fair, you are enabled to have to do the image yourself, and you are enabled to conduct COSPLAY at anytime and anywhere without buying any props. The secondary element funs are allowed to give play for creation and to experience infinite daydream!
IT is a software enabling others to change their views on your appearance and allowing you to be extraordinary in the circle of friends!
???===== Product features =====???
Customized image (DIY): The users are enabled to personal create and experience their own unique shapes, and it is top choice to pursuit the uniqueness, fashion and secondary element COSPLAY. The 3-D portraits of user themselves are treated as models in virtual three-dimensional space, and their hairstyles, jewelries, glasses, tattoos, scars and so on are freely modified, making them feeling “super cool’.
Photoshop development of photos: The users are allowed to replace with models developed by themselves in photos to meet your infinite imagination on your own images, dig out your potential on the beautifulness and comprehensively show your charm! It is the only variation shooting APP perfect solving “multiple angles” and “realistic sense"”, and it may be concluded that the concept of “shooting” is promoted to be an emerging level!

???===== Product characteristics=====???
The first software capable of all-around displaying hairstyle design is completely based on the principle of hair growth and personal real conditions, and it enables the users to actually know fairly well before cutting their hair.

Two major hairstyles including fashion life and interesting illusion meet style expressions of different fans.

A photo may be infinitely changed, and it is capable of really showing multi-dimensions of yourself, is it suitable to be described to be frozen moment?!

Okay, our god, let's update and renew later ~

???===== Contacts =====???
Official Web Site:http://qifeng.la


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